Delivery Information of the wood slabs

Make an Appointment....

After purchasing your wood slab, contact us directly by phone at (450) 782-3586 to make an appointment with us to pick up the slabs.

There is no need to come in without an appointment, we will not be able to deliver the wood slabs to you. On the one hand because they are very heavy to manipulate and on the other hand, the management of this inventory is not done on the premises.

Inventory Charges

You have no more than 4 weeks to take delivery of your purchase. Thereafter, $25.00 per day will be charged to maintain it in the inventory.

Our Delivery Charges

We charge $1.25 per km from our address. Please go to Google Maps and see how many km there is between your address and ours.  For example. if there is 85 km between our to places, you will pay 85km X $1.25/km = $106.25 + tax.  You pay for a one-way trip only, return is on us.