Piece number: 132-0

 Length: 98

 Thickness: 2"

 Base-Center-Base Width (in inches):24-20-23

 PMP: 31

 Comments: N/A

 Species: Ash

  All our slabs are kiln dried down to 7%-8% humidity.  We can provide you with a copy of the certificate.



wood slab measurements

 Notice: Our measurements exclude the bark. Click to enlarge.

About the White Ash tree:

Classified as a hardwood, it is classified as strong and rigid, and has good shock resistance. White Ash is known for its excellent bending qualities. This wood has a low resistance to disintegration. It is quite easy to work with, to stick it and it ends well.

The wood dries very quickly with minimal degradation and small cracks. It has a light brown to medium heartwood, with sapwood tending towards beige or light brown. The grain is generally straight and regular. When colored, it can resemble oak but without wide rays.

    • Common name (s): White Ash, American White Ash
    • Scientific name: Fraxinus Americana
    • Distribution: East America
    • Tree size: 65-100 feet (20-30 m) in height, trunk diameter 2-5 ft (0.6-1.5 m)
    • Dried average weight: 42 lbs / ft3 (675 kg / m3)
    • Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC): .55, .67
    • Janka hardness: 1.320 lbf (5,870 N)
    • Modulus of rupture: 15,000 lbf / in2 (103.5 MPa)
    • Elastic Modulus: 1.740,000 lbf / in2 (12.00 GPa)
    • Crushing resistance: 7,410 lbf / in2 (51.1 MPa)
    • Shrinkage: Radial: 4.9%, tangential: 7.8%,
    • Volumetric: 13.3%, T / R Ratio: 1.6


 Frequently used in cabinet making to make live edge tables, kitchen cabinets, headboard, wardrobe door, bar tables, etc.  Much of its popularity is due to the fact that it is among the cheapest utility hardwoods with prices similar to oak

Other uses of this species include furniture, church benches, floor coverings and sports equipment such as pool markers, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, baseball sticks, etc.

This wood is also a pre-fabricated species for making curved wood pieces for chairs, boats and umbrellas, as well as handles of tools and tools.


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